The Przy provides engaging art direction services from copy writing, logo design to photoshoot styling.


Taking inspiration from film noir for cosmetic label Lash Dame. A sophisticated mood was created by incorporating lots of shadows in the brands videos and photography.  The logo typeface mimics the hallmark blocky fonts used in film noir.  The shiny black product packaging visually lifts the letters of and creates somewhat of a luminous quality to the lettering typical of the noir genre.  Further more the social media channels are laced with vintage photos and avant grade fashion archives for a fresh take on hollywood glam.



Concept development for VEXSTIX.  A luxury electronic vapor company catering to individuals who wish to enhance their libido and energy.  Established a playful suave design, using dark brown tones to capture a sophisticated mood. For a bit of wit the logo is flirty with a cheeky "tail" that mimics a lit cigaret.        



Here is a conceptual band poster. The type face was chosen for its razor tapering which mimics the feelings of the word “sharp”.